Friday, February 25, 2011

Meet our Team - Interview with Siana Kelly

This week we meet Siana Kelly from beautiful British Columbia, Canada. 
(My husband Bryan and I on our honeymoon in Paris 2008)
I live on Sulphurous Lake in a mountainous region called the Cariboo, in a log home on 4 acres.

The name of your store   
Random Facts about You?   
Besides weaving I also enjoy making Hand Embroidered cards.  (I am short and loved...giggles)

How long ago have you started weaving?  
I began weaving 10 years ago
What got you started weaving?
Actually, it was by accident.  I'd just moved into a new house on Vancouver Island and was shopping for place mats, couldn't find what I wanted, came home and began talking to my neighbor about it over the fence in the back yard.  Turned out she had a fiber studio and taught Saori Weaving and suggested why not weave my own place mats.  I was hooked!
(threading my loom)

Any particular technique(s) that you enjoy the most? 
I enjoy the Saori way of weaving as there are no boundaries/rules and it gives freedom to be as creative as I want.

What part the process makes you the most passionate?
Being able to combine any materials and play with them on the loom. 
What is your source of inspiration? 
Life and my surroundings here in the wilderness overlooking the lake inspires me, and of course my husband who is also an artist with his own Etsy shop.

(our friend fox waiting for dinner)
(my inspiration)

Where do you sell? 
My Etsy Shop, craft fairs, trade shows, local shops and from home.
Apart from creating things, what do you do?
 I am the secretary for our local Volunteer Firefighters Association, doing their yearly newsletter and maintaining a blog for them.  I am also part of their Quilting Group, getting together once a week hand stitching a quilt to raffle off.   We have been working on this for 3 years.   I also take part in a local summer Craft Fair once a year, taking my loom to demonstrate Saori Weaving and encouraging the public to try weaving, it's very popular.
What first made you want to become an artist? 
I guess I have always been naturally artistic.  My dad was an artist, drawing in ink, but he would never sell his work.  I did draw when I was younger.  My mother taught me to knit when I was 10 , making socks on 4 needles.
Please describe your creative process: how, when, materials, etc....
I don't think I have an actual *process*'s more like a *need* to create something different and unusual that usually strikes me when I am out walking in the forest, daydreaming while looking at the lake , working in the garden or watching my husband draw.  I like using soft natural fine materials like bamboo, silk, cotton, wool, they have a soft natural flow.  I live in a log home and my loom is set up in the loft where I can weave and look out over the lake and mountains.

What handmade possession do you most cherish? 
My most cherished creation is my first Saori Hand Woven wall hanging in black and white.
What advice would you give to artists who are new to Etsy?   
Be patient!  Selling doesn't happen overnight but enjoy what you create and be proud to have the opportunity to share it with the world, you will meet many great artists in the supportive Etsy Community.
What do you like about Etsy?
 The community and interaction with so many diverse talented artists and the ability to showcase your work to the world.
What weaving activities or guilds to you participate in? 
Living in a remote area I don't belong to any weaving guilds, I am so alone here and love it.
Do you have a website, blog, Facebook page, or other online endeavors? 
Yes I have a blog, Facebook, twitter, flickr etc. 


  1. We really enjoyed conducting this interview with Siana. Her loving nature, creative energy and abundance of happiness are contagious! No wonder the wild things come to the party! ;-)) We would too!

  2. Wonderful to meet you Siana, I wish you lots of success and lots of fun!

  3. Impressive! So great great to get to know our fellow weavers!

  4. What a great interview. I have never heard of Saori weaving and am now going to read up on it. And what a lovely and inspirational story. Thanks.

  5. Lovely to hear all about you Siana, the view from your home is amazing, would be lovely to see more pictures as the seasons develop, I can see why its of great inspiration to you.

  6. Such a wonderful interview with a very special lady, weaver, artist, individual and the love of my life.
    Congratulations Siana... Love Bryan

  7. Wow, what great comments and an awesome way to meet our team members! Thank you all and especially Alana for making the interview process fun and entertaining!

  8. Idyllic, non? In some cultures the weavers were traditionally men ~ would enjoy seeing some men in the weaving circle here as well. Continued success to you Siana, with your lovely lot in life!
    - another granny weaver.

  9. We do have a few men in our circle. Once of those days we'll get them out of their caves. After all, we need their support and vise versa!!!

  10. Nice to meet another British Columbian! I've been to the Cariboo and know how beautiful it is there. Best of luck,

  11. Nice to meet you, Siana! You live in such a gorgeous setting. You must be inspired every time you look at the view.

  12. fun to read your interview. good to meet another NW weaver.

  13. I especially loved hearing how you got started in weaving! And how you become inspired to create something. Saori weaving is a new concept to me, also, and I'll be interested to find out more.
    Lovely that your husband is so sweet and supportive! ~Annie

  14. How interesting to read all these comments! Also realizing how many have never hear of Saori Weaving.....anyone can do it, just think *outside the box* and be free to express using the loom you have got. Although the Saori loom is so designed for those with disabilities with everything within reach and to fold up it's not required to weave Saori. I began on a 45" Leclerc loom only using 2 shafts.

  15. Great Interview. Its so nice to get to know you better. :)- Michele from TheHermitsLoom

  16. Nice to hear more about another Saori weaver! I was introduced to Saori weaving at a Fibre Festival on Vancouver Island in 2005 - probably the same person!

    Happy Weaving,

  17. Hi Terri

    Yes, you were introduced to Saori by Kim I am sure! I lived next door to her in Nanaimo.


  18. Love your view! And that fox is just awesome, how fun. :)

    The Saori Worcester folks have quite a following in my neck of the woods. Mihoko is a sweetheart.

    - Kristin