Sunday, February 6, 2011

February 1-6th Treasury Contest!

This is our first week of running Treasury Contest by Etsy Weavers. Seems to be a small step, but here is what it does:
1) helps promoting the Treasury Curators. A good treasury creates exposure, and exposure means - more views and clicks and responses not only to the items you choose, but also to the Curator of a successful treasury. Not to mention the fact that you could be getting closer to being featured on the first page of Treasuries! And that is HUGE! Not necessarily "set for life" type of HUGE, but certainly "made my month" kind of huge ;-)
2) creating a treasury and especially collecting the responses indicates your progress in making VISUAL impression on the audience. It also helps in finding the best possible shots for your collection as well. Photography is the key in internet sales. So, creating and choosing the most desirable shots will guarantee you a long term success online.
3) As we're getting "savvier" with promotions - we are being able to immediately spread the word on the best treasuries across multiple communities like Facebook, Tweeter, Blogger. This can't hurt, right?
4) More importantly, we as a team learn about each other. Mutual recognition creates a collective thought. And for us this thought is - GROWTH and SUCCESS!

So, now to the results - this week's by far the best Treasury was created by ASpinnerWeaver with over 100 views and 29 clicks so far!!!

This week's Treasury

Congratulations! We've been blogging about this Treasury all week and still are bragging about it!

Captain of Etsy Weavers


  1. This is indeed a beautiful collection. The colors just take you to another place! Good job.

  2. Fabulous!! Congratulations Annie!

  3. Oh, how cool is that? I am new to making treasuries, having created my first one last weekend. Thanks to all of the artists who gave me great things to work with. I have to say that there is are some exceptionally beautiful stuff in this one. How can you not love that vivid color?

  4. Congratulations Annie! A beautiful treasury!

  5. Well done Annie!! A stunning treasury. You've gotta be top of the class by now ;)

  6. So nice to have some brilliant color in a treasury, This would look great on the front page, where I've been seeing way to much white.

  7. A visual feast, Annie! Congrats to you!!! xo Cait